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Welcome to the WFTBC website. We offer a huge array of services for your convenience so please feel free to browse through our site and see what we can do for you. With printing facilities and unlimited internet access WFTBC can take care of all your computer needs. Just see the services section for the full low-down on what's on offer. That's not all: you can use our workstations to type letters, projects, CV's or documents and have them printed professionally. Currently there are 60 Windows 7 workstations and facilities for those who would like to plug in their own iBooks or laptops. So if you need to backup your data onto a cd or send digital images from your camera to your friends, we can help.


Business Resources

An ideal spot for people on the go that need access to a computer, like telecommuters, self-employed business owners, tourists, students and just about anyone looking for computer to use.

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Web Solutions

Whether you need an informational website to offer your services, or a shopping-cart website to sell your products we are here for you. We hold your hand step by step and walk you through successfully setting up a website, and marketing your website.


PC & Laptop engineer

We offer FREE consultations and give friendly advice about the status of your computer, printer, networks and other maintenance issues. (Does not include repair cost)

Workforce TBC Employment Agency

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