If you have a keen interest in computers and ever wanted to learn how to program a computer, or maybe you would like to build your own website or design your own computer game, but you have very little experience in coding, then this course is for you.

In the IT Professionals programming course, there are 3 levels.


The foundation level has been designed to introduce learners to computer programming. And covers the fundamental principles of computer programming, and will take you through the different types of programming styles to get you up to speed.


The Intermediate level programming are for those who have had a little  exposure to coding, either for web or school assignments and want to dive further with the aim of mastering their skill or create their own apps. 


Advanced level Programming course is not for beginners and will involve less teaching and more analysis, coding, and problem solving. At this level you will be working on more of a project basis and the goal will be to develop your own software application which you will design from scratch.

We will use object-oriented programming principles. Emphasis is on event-driven programming
methods, including creating and manipulating objects, classes, and using object-oriented tools
such as the class debugger. Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test and
debug at a beginning level.

Topics include data types, control structures, functions, arrays, files, and the mechanics of running, testing, and debugging.