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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are IVQ Diplomas?

    The term International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) means the qualification has been approved by the Qualifications Curriculum Authority.

    IVQ are work related competence based qualificationswhich involve the assessment of the skills, knowledge and abilities of an individual. They are available to anyone at any age or stage of their career and they are very flexible and accessible.

    IVQS in Care are based on National Occupation Standards set in consultation with the Care Sector and are recognised by employers in the UK, Canada, United States of America and other Africa Countries including Asian Countries . To gain an IVQ in care and other related courses, the individual will be assessed through the evaluation of work-based performance, presenting evidence, witness testimony and questioning. A portfolio of evidence is produced to demonstrate the candidate can perform to the required standards.

  2. What are the benefits of IVQ's?

    IVQ's in Health and Social Care/childcare settings and other related courses are for those who want to gain a qualification to improve their standards and further their knowledge in their working environment. They offer the opportunity for personal development and enhanced career prospects. For example, an IVQ level 3 provides a career path into Nursing or Management and the ability towork abroad in certain countries.

    For employers, having a workforce with the right skills and qualifications is both a requirement under the National Minimum Standards and essential for a successful business. Our programs are designed to help your employees develop the knowledge and skills required and to give them nationally recognised qualifications.

    ·         Investment in the future

    ·        Gaining new skills and attitude

    ·        Cost effective means of Gaining Competent Staff

    ·        Added value to organisation

    ·        Potential Tax Benefit for Organisations

  3. What are the Entry Requirements?

    IVQ's are open to candidates at any age, of either gender and there are no entry barriers on the grounds of race, creed or previous academic attainment or learning. However, candidates must be employed in a workplace relevant to the occupational standards for Health and Social Care and other related courses to enable them to complete the qualification successfully.

    IVQ also open doors for those not in employment but looking forward to achieve a career pathway into different fields like Child Care and development, Care assistance of different health care settings.

    Accommodation services( for those that want a career in hospitality business).

  4. How to Participate


    To find out more about the qualification we offer, and to complete an application form please Contact us through our contact details as we are at your help.


    Our national call centre will provide you with advice on how to implement an IVQ programme, methods of delivery and eligibility for funding. Contact us.

  5. IVQ Diplomas in Health Care

    What are the qualifications about?

    The IVQ Diplomas in Health Care have been designed to give health care workers a comprehensive programme of learning and assessment in their field of work.

    They equip care workers with the knowledge to deliver the best possible standards of service and provide a structure for ongoing development.

    These are internationally recognised qualifications available in a wide range of countries around the world.

    Who are they for?

    The IVQ Diplomas in Health Care are designed for people who work in a range of health and social care settings.

    Your questions

    ... if you're taking these qualifications

    What sorts of things do they cover?

    Depending on which qualification you choose, you'll cover areas like:

    managing individuals' needs in a care setting understanding physical and emotional comforts of individuals helping individuals in their personal daily living.    

    How will I learn and be assessed?

    For international qualifications, how you learn and are assessed depends on where you do your qualification and the type of work setting you are base.

    To find out how the qualification works in your location, Contact us for more information at

    The IVQ Diplomas in Health Care are assessed via practical demonstrations and assignments.

    Which level is right for me?

    Level 2

    You are already working, or would like to work in, the health and social care sector. You want to learn the skills and knowledge to support individuals and forge your own career development path in the health and social care sector.

    How long do they take?

    Guided learning hours are the hours you spend learning with your training provider or on your own. The guided learning hours for this qualification are:

    Level 2 IVQ Diploma in Health Care: 180 hours

    Level 2 IVQ Specialist Diploma in Health Care: 300-330 hours. 

    This is a rough guide - the centre decides its own timescales and you can often learn at your own pace.

    What jobs could they lead to? 

    ·    The IVQs in Health Care can lead to roles as Care Workers or Healthcare Assistants, nursery workers as well as improving knowledge and practical skills for people working in the health and social care sector or Day Care/nursery settings.

  6. Level 3 IVQs in Teaching Training and Assessing Learning

    Aim of the qualification:

    This qualification provides essential knowledge and practical teaching,training and assessing learning skills for the following:

    Candidates who already have an introductory teaching and supporting

    learning qualification and would like to progress further

     Teachers or those training and assessing learning who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

     Experienced teaching staff who require continuing professional development in teaching, training and assessing learners

     Candidates who require a qualification to improve their knowledge and skills to prepare for a higher level of teaching, training and assessing learners

     Centres who wish to run a teaching, training and assessing learning qualification for their current staff to support existing courses

     Opportunities for gaining individual units which are relevant to their current role (eg. Internal Verification, Assessing Competence, Coaching and Mentoring, E-Learning, Management of Training etc).

    Available levels:

    Introductory Award in Training Skills

     - Preparation

     - Delivery

     - Assessment 

    Diploma in Training Skills

     -  010 Training Skills

     -  011 Identifying learners and Needs

     -  012 Prepare Instruction and Coaching Sessions

     -  013 Instruct and Coach

     -  014 Assess, Give Feedback and Review Performance 

    Advanced Diploma in Teaching,Training and Assessing Learning

     - 100 Teaching and Supporting Learning

     - 101 Identifying Learners' Needs

     - 102 Plan and Prepare Learning

     - 103 Delivering Learning

     - 104 Access Outcomes

     - 105 Evaluation 

    Advanced Specialist Diploma in Teaching, Training & Assessing Learning

    Method(s) of Assessment: 

    Diploma: Written examination and Practical Assignments

    Advanced Diploma: Written examination, Practical Assignments and Holistic Report.

  7. IVQ Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Accommodation Operations and Services

    What are the qualifications about?

    A qualification in Accommodation Operations and Services can help you move into a job creating welcoming accommodation for guests - for example as a hotel room attendant or housekeeper

    You'll gain a broad range of skills to help you work, and perhaps move into a supervisory or managerial role.

    Who are they for?

    A qualification in Accommodation Operations and Services is for anyone who is interested in working in the hospitality industry.

    You can take the qualification in your current country of residence, and use it to work in your country as well as other foreign countries like Canada, UK, USA etc

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    City & Guilds qualification is proof that you have the right skills to do your job well -which is why so many employers look for people who have one. You can be confident your qualification is well respected within your industry.

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